The Kouvola RRT rail and road terminal project is divided in phases, and construction takes place between 2019 and 2023.

The construction of the RRT terminal was started on 10 January 2019 with an excavation and earthwork contract. YIT Finland Ltd was selected as the contractor for the project in a tendering process in December 2018. Rock blasting was started in February, and the first phase contract will be completed in December 2019.

In the planning phase, it was estimated that the underlying soil would have settled in the autumn 2021, allowing the area to be asphalted in 2022.

Kouvola City Council approved the proposal of the city board on the construction and funding of the Kouvola RRT project on 12 November 2018, after which the project moved from the planning to the procurement and construction phase.

The plans for the streets and the terminal field were completed in October 2018. The planning of the railway technology was tendered in summer 2018, and the plans were completed by the end of October.

A meeting of the technical committee in May 2018 approved the master plan framework for the RRT logistics area.

The City of Kouvola started its part of the development project that was partly funded by the European Union in February 2016.

Cost allocation

The project has received about EUR 1.7 million of EU funding for 2016–2018. The State of Finland is also contributing to the project.

The total cost of the intermodal terminal is EUR 39.8 million. The City of Kouvola will provide a share of EUR 33.9 million, and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, EUR 5.9 million. Click here to view an illustration.

Updated 17.7.2019