EU’s goals to develop railway traffic, require railway yards and loading terminals to be equally available to all operators. The Kouvola RRT project aims to enable this.

As a part of the modern Silk Route between Finland and Asia, the Kouvola RRT rail and road terminal project introduces a new concept to international logistics. An intermodal terminal that is being built in the Tehola–Kullasvaara area in Kouvola will open a competitive rail transport corridor for container transport between Europe and Asia.

When completed in 2023, the Kouvola Rail and Road Terminal (Kouvola RRT) will be an efficient and competitive terminal area for intermodal transportation. It will respond to the growing requirements of national and international traffic.

A drone video of the progress of the Kouvola RRT Intermodal Terminal construction in August, 2020.

A modern intermodal terminal is under construction in Kullasvaara in Kouvola. The terminal will operate on an open access principle and allows for handling trains of over one kilometre in length.

Työkoneita Kouvola RRT työmaalla - construction machines in Kouvola RRT project
Six sea containers were brought to the construction area in August 2020. The green RRT containers act as noise suppression elements, while marketing the intermodal terminal area.

The mode of transport can be changed easily based on need. In addition, it will enable the use of new cargo-handling methods using robotics and digitalisation that result in time and cost savings in rail freight transportation.

The stages of implementation:

Kouvola RRT logistics area phases map. Kouvola RRT is constructed in five phases.

Kouvola RRT is expected to boost economic growth and employment both regionally and nationally. The project is part of developing the Trans-European transport network (TEN-T). It has received EU funding.

Kouvola – a modern and international centre of freight transport

The current logistics centre in Kouvola is located in the Tehola area that will form part of the Kouvola RRT area. At present, Kouvola has around 200 companies operating in the sector with nearly 2000 jobs. In a comparison of European logistics centres, Kouvola was rated the best in Northern Europe.

A map of the EU core traffic network in Finland.

Kouvola RRT is the only railway and road terminal in Finland that is part of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T). In terms of international significance, the terminal can be compared to the main ports and airports in Finland.

Kouvola RRT logo
Logos of Kouvola city, Kouvola Innovation and EU.

For further information please contact:

Project Manager Tero Valtonen
tel +358 40 7110 886,

Mr. Petteri Portaankorva, Development Director of Kouvola City
tel +358 40 489 9215, email

Updated 11.1.2021