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Working in Finland

EU citizens are free to work and job hunt in Finland for up to three months without any formalities. After this, they must register with the Finnish Immigration Service and the population register. Find more information about the Finnish Immigration Services here. Nordic citizens must submit a notification of move.

Citizens of non-EU countries must obtain a residence permit based on employment before they enter the country to work. You can register for a permit here. The immigration authorities will not grant this kind of residence permit before you find a job. If you are granted a residence permit on other grounds, for example for family ties, it may include the right to work.


Kuntarekry Kouvola

Look for vacancies at city of Kouvola. We offer competitive employment conditions, good employee benefits and a meaningful work environment.

Our most common job titles are teacher, school councellor, engineer, librarian, cleaner, secretary, driver and park worker. We also offer a variety of substitute positions.

Kuntarekry website (only in Finnish)

Starting a business

Interested in starting your own business? There are so many things to consider in becoming an entrepreneur, whether it´s operational planning, deciding which company form to pick, dealing with taxation or financing etc.

If you need help, our development company Kouvola Innovation Oy (Kinno) will help you with applications and paperwork, profitability calculations and business plan. Your business idea and business plan will be thoroughly reviewed under the free-of-charge, confidential personal guidance of our business advisor.

Contact information:

Timo Lehmusmetsä (FI, EN)
Business Advisor
Tel. 020 615 5957

Aleksandra Turunen (FI, RU, EN)
Account Manager
Tel. 020 615 8140

Kinno's website

Setting up a Business in Kouvola

Setting up a company is not difficult, you can get help from Kouvola Innovation Oy (Kinno) and TE services.

Watch Alex Riches’ experiences on being an entrepreneur in Kouvola. (English subtitles are available on settings/Asetukset)

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More information and tools for starting a business

Opportunities for Businesses

In Kouvola, we have the largest cargo marshalling yard in Finland and a significant railway interchange for both passenger and freight traffic.

A modern intermodal terminal is currently under construction. The terminal will operate on an open access principle and allows handling of trains of over one kilometre in length. When completed in 2023, the Kouvola Rail and Road Terminal will be an efficient and competitive terminal area for intermodal transportation. Kouvola RRT area will provide new logistics plots with excellent traffic and railway connections.

Find contact information and read more on Kouvola’s website Strong in Logistics.

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