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Free time in Kouvola

Kouvola is big on experiences. Whether you prefer culture or sports, urban amusement or the great outdoors, Kouvola has got you covered. Finland is the “land of the thousand lakes” and we have over 450 of them. Along the shorelines, you will find over 7 000 summer cottages (also rental).

The legendary Repovesi National Park is necessary to see for every nature lover, as is the Mustila Arboretum, a botanical garden growing trees and shrubs. What’s more, both attractions are known for being family-friendly, too. In addition, Kouvola boasts its very own UNESCO World Heritage site, the Verla Mill Museum.

Tykkimäki is Finland’s third largest amusement park. The park has almost 40 rides that will entertain the whole family. You can have lunch or a snack in the many restaurants and cafes of the park. The park is located on top of a hill with a beautiful scenery to the nearby lake. The distance to the city centre is less than 5 kilometres. You can also enjoy wild water rides in Tykkimäki Aquapark. During autumn and winter, the fun is located at Tykkimäki Actionpark at the Prisma Shopping Centre.

What else is there? We have several quality fitness centers, where you can attend fitness classes and go to the gym. You can also play golf, go swimming or rock climbing – or shopping!

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Nature is always close in Kouvola. You can hike in the Repovesi National Park or relax in Arboretum Mustila, but do not forget the other nature trails and outdoor activities the city has to offer. Kouvola is also a prime location for canoeing and cycling.

Check the tourism website VisitKouvola for nature activities

Kymijoki Outdoor Trail (Kymijoen ulkoilureitti)

You can admire the Kymijoki landscape by bike or by hiking along the brand new Kymijoki outdoor trail. The route creates a connection to the river landscape and guides you through the urban parts of Kouvola. The route also has accessible sections.

The video shows the river landscape from the shore and from the air as well as people walking, riding a bike, walking the dog and sitting at campfires and picnic spots having snacks. (2.25 min.)

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Hobbies and Interests

We have nine libraries around the city; apart from Finnish, they have books in various other languages. In the library premises you can also study and read magazines. Each library has client computers and offers a variety of programs and events for both children and adults. With a library card you can borrow books, videos etc., please inquire at your closest library. Check locations on Kouvola map service website.

Kouvolan kansalaisopisto (Adult education centre) offers various courses e.g. music, languages, handicrafts etc. in different locations of the city.

Find courses on Adult education centre's website

Youth Services

Youth Services organize activities for leisure time, f.ex. events and cultural workshops. Excursions and camps are organized during school holidays. We have 10 Youth Centres around the town, two of them in the centre; NuPa and Lehdokin SporttiTalo. Multicultural youth work is part of our daily work in Kouvola. The activities are open to everyone.

Contact information:
Youth Counselor
Virpi Kärkäs
Tel. 020 615 8652
Email: virpi.karkas(at)


Multicultural Centre Saaga

Multicultural Centre Saaga is an international meeting place in the Kouvola city centre. You will find us at Kouvolankatu 14. We are open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. We have many activities, also international youth evenings. Tel. 045 150 2959, saaga.tiedotus(at)

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