Kouvola has a logistically ideal location with railway connections to all cardinal points and main road connections in six directions.

Railway logistics is among Kouvola’s main strengths. The capacity of the largest Finnish cargo marshalling yard and the volume of cargo handled makes Kouvola the most central location for railway transport in Finland.

Around 100 logistics companies operate in the Tehola-Kullasvaara logistics area; nearly 300 in the entire Kouvola region. The logistics sector has nearly 2000 employees. In 2015 and in 2020, Kouvola was ranked as the best logistics centre in the Northern Europe.

Kouvola RTT is the only Finnish railroad terminal in the EU’s core transport network. As part of the network, it is comparable in significance to the main Finnish ports and airports. The area will expand in the future. A modern intermodal terminal is under construction in Tehola in Kouvola.

A map of the EU core traffic network in Finland.
Kouvola is part of the EU’s core transport network and it’s development. EU has set goals for the networkinfrastructure by 2030 mennessä. EU funds the development of the TEN-T network.

Updated 29.9.2022

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