Instructions for those arriving in Finland from Ukraine

A Ukrainian citizen coming to Finland as a result of the Russian military attack into Ukraine can currently stay in Finland without a visa, submit an application for asylum or seek temporary protection.

A person can stay in Finland for 3 months without a visa, if the person has a biometric passport.

It is possible to seek asylum in Finland. Asylum must be sought in person, and the application can be submitted to the police or border control authorities.

A directive on temporary protection has been introduced in the European Union to help those fleeing from Ukraine.

On this basis, the following groups are subject to temporary protection until 4 March 2023:
• Ukrainian citizens and their family members.
• Persons who have been under international protection in Ukraine, and their family members.
• Persons who have lived permanently in Ukraine and who cannot return to their home country.

The requirement is that the person has lived in Ukraine and left Ukraine after the starting of the Russian military attack, in other words on or after 24 February 2022.
In addition to the above groups, temporary protection in Finland is given to:
• Ukrainian citizens and their family members, who fled Ukraine just before 24 February 2022 and who cannot return to Ukraine.
• Other Ukrainian citizens who are already staying in Finland or who have arrived in Finland, and their family members.
• Citizens of non-EU countries who have stayed legally in Ukraine (also other than permanent residents) and who cannot return to their home country.

In Kouvola, an application for asylum or temporary protection can be made at the Main Police Station of Kouvola at address Vuorikatu 1, 45100 Kouvola.

If a person has other grounds for a residence permit, such as family ties or employment in Finland, an application for residence permit can also be made on these grounds. The application for residence permit is subject to a fee.
Read more about temporary protection, accommodation in Finland, and offering transportation for Ukrainians to Finland

The Ukrainians coming to Kouvola can contact MOONA, the centre for the guidance and advice of immigrants, located at address Kouvolankatu 14 in the centre of Kouvola. MOONA provides information on the services available in Kouvola and on the immigration processes. See Moona’s opening hours and contact details.

See up-to-date information on the website of Finnish Immigration Service Migri.

Instructions for those arriving in Finland from Ukraine (in English):
Instructions for those arriving in Finland from Ukraine | Finnish Immigration Service Migri (

Instructions for those arriving in Finland from Ukraine (in Ukrainian):
Поширені запитання щодо ситуації в Україні | Maahanmuuttovirasto (

Особи, яким надано тимчасовий захист, мають право працювати у Фінляндії

Help and counselling are available

A sudden crisis causes mental burden, concerns and anxiety. You do not need to be alone. There are several organisations in Finland offering counselling support either by telephone or face to face:

Nation-wide crisis helpline: Crisis helpline of Mental Health Finland serves at number +358 (0)9 2525 0113 in English 24/7. Counselling support confidentially and anonymously. The crisis helpline also serves in the Finnish, Swedish and Arabic languages.

Crisis counselling by the crisis centre of the Vuoroveto service of Mental Health Finland helps free of charge and confidentially in crisis situations. You can contact the service anonymously, no referral or diagnosis from a doctor is needed. The services are intended for those above the age of 18 living in Kymenlaakso. There is crisis counselling available in Russian and English, too. You can book the service at telephone number +358 (0)404 175 175. Mon-Fri at 10–12 and Mon-Tue 16–18. By e-mail: info(at)

Crisis counselling by the church: You can call the helpline anonymously and confidentially when you need mental or spiritual support. The persons responding to the calls are trained volunteers with a confidentiality obligation, and church employees. The service is nation-wide. Tel. +358 (0)400 22 11 80, every day 18–24. The website also includes information on chat, internet letter and letter service.

Orthodox Church of Finland have a website in Ukrainian.

Counselling provided by the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health by telephone at number +358 (0)203 91920. On weekdays at 10–15.

Finland and Kouvola are prepared to work in a crisis

Finland is currently not subject to a military threat. We are living a peaceful life in secure circumstances. However, the extraordinary international situation has also made Finns, including the people of Kouvola, to think about matters related to emergency preparations, such as civil defence shelters.
Information on emergency preparedness for households

Civil defence shelters
General information on civil defence and civil defence shelters
Civil defence | Rescue services
Public civil defence shelters in Kouvola

Making preparations for radiation hazards

Follow the information provided by the City of Kouvola and other authorities to keep yourself up to date

The City of Kouvola communicates actively on the impacts of the crisis in Ukraine when such impacts concern the City of Kouvola.
Also follow information provided by other authorities:
Finnish Government
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Kymenlaakso Rescue Department

Updated 17.6.2022

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