This page contains information that immigrants should know about the basic education services and early childhood education services provided by the City of Kouvola. The page will be updated as necessary.

Temporary stay in Finland does not give a right to early childhood education services or basic education services.

Education services are arranged in Kouvola for those children who have sought temporary protection or asylum and who are in an age for pre-school or basic education. Early childhood education is arranged for younger children.

Kouvola has preparatory education groups for foreign children at the Mansikkamäki school and at the Vahtero school. If necessary, more preparatory education groups will be set up in Kouvola.

You can enrol your child to school by filling in the enclosed form and by delivering it to address:

Torikatu 10, 45100 Kouvola

Contact details of basic education services
If you have questions about basic education, please contact:
Marita Westersund
Tel. +358 (0)20 615 5227

Contact details of early childhood education services
If you have questions about early childhood education, please contact:
Satu Hyytiä
Tel. +358 (0)20 615 5985

The Ministry of Education and Culture has published basic information on early childhood education and care and school education in Ukrainian. | (

Updated 8.4.2022

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