Studying in KSAO

Study sectors

  • Arts and humanities
  • Business, administration and law
  • Natural sciences
  • ICT
  • Engineering, manufacturing and construction
  • Health and welfare
  • Services
  • Agriculture and forestry

Studying is practical and activity based

  • competence demonstrations in working life
  • learning environments:
    • restaurant PikkuKokki
    • hair and  beauty saloon PikkuSalonki
    • customer service point Helli for social and health care
    • services such as car repair, building and renovation, painting and maintenance
  • students take part in events, exhibitions and shows, competitions and international co-operation

Supporting the students

  • personalisation
  • Duunipaja workshop and other supporting workshops
  • remedial teaching (extra lessons)
  • special support
  • school meals
  • school health service
  • school social worker
  • student counselling and supporting team

Pedagogical development

  • the curriculums in vocational education have changed in August 2018 and many of our ongoing projects aim to help this change
  • flexible study paths
  • preventing early school leaving
  • cooperation with working life
  • apprenticeship studies
  • new learning environments