A new kind of conference on security policy took place in Kouvola, the biggest and most important garrison city in Finland.

Kouvola Security had a dual structure:

On Friday, leading national and international policy-makers and influencers were invited to discuss topical issues in Kouvola Security Conference.

On Saturday, the public could listen to top-level lecturers on security policy and visited numerous info-stands of different organisations and military forces at Kouvola Security Arena.

Please see the speakers’ list here. It includes among others Ministers of Defence from Finland and Sweden, and the Commander of Finnish Military forces.

More information: anne.kaki@kouvola.fi

13th September 2019 – Kouvola Security Conference program

Registration and coffee

Welcome speech by Chair of Kouvola City Council Jouko Leppänen

Introductory remarks by the Minister of Defence of Finland Antti Kaikkonen

Addresses by defence policy experts:

Sweden’s defence doctrine and the government’s defence policy
Minister for Defence of Sweden Peter Hultqvist

European security and defence from EU’s perspective
Director General of the EU Military Staff, LTGEN Esa Pulkkinen

Renewed threat scenarios in the Baltic Sea region
Military Professor, COL Jyri Raitasalo, Dr, Pol.Sc

The Finnish model
Finnish Chief of Defence, GEN Timo Kivinen

Lunch at the City Hall

Panel debate on changing security threats and different defence solutions – youth politicians’ view on the issue
Political youth leaders
Moderator: Managing Director, Esa Suominen, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs


The way ahead for comprehensive security and conscription in 2020s
General Secretary for the Security Committee, Doctor of Military Science, COL Vesa Valtonen
Chairperson, LT, Dr Kaisa-Maria Tölli, Elisabeth Rehn Bank of Ideas
Director of The National Defence Training Association of Finland, BGEN (ret) Pertti Laatikainen
Chair of Intelligence Supervision Committee, Mika Kari, Finnish Parliament
Moderator: Journalist, Matti Tieaho, Kouvolan Sanomat

Hybrid threats and how to prepare for them
Special Advisor to the Director, LTC Mikko Lappalainen, The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats
Doctor of Military Science, Saara Jantunen, Finnish Defence Forces
Professor of Practice, Cyber Security, MAJ (ret) Jarno Limnéll
Army Chief of Staff, MGEN Markku Myllykangas
Moderator: Senior Data Security Expert, Juha Torkkel, F-Secure

Future warfare – battleground of the future
Military Professor, COL Jyri Raitasalo, Dr, Pol.Sc
Country Director of Denmark, Tommy Ayouty, Thales
President of International Support Partnerships Jukka Holkeri, Patria
Defence Forces’ Research Director, COL (eng) Jyri Kosola
Moderator: Secretary General Tuija Karanko, the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries

Coffee break

”Fireside chat”, Si vis pacem, para bellum? Will there be another war in Europe? How to avoid it?
Member of the Defence Committee, Jukka Kopra, Finnish Parliament
Research Fellow, Kalev Stoicescu, International Centre for Defence and Security, Estonia
Ministerial Advisor, MGEN (ret) Harri Ohra-aho, Finnish Ministry of Defence
Senior Research Fellow, Charly Salonius-Pasternak, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Moderator: Senior Advisor, VADM (ret) Kari Takanen, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs

Summary of the day by Mayor of City of Kouvola Marita Toikka

Reception hosted by City of Kouvola

Päivitetty 14.10.2019