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Youth services

Youth services organise activity that supports the growth and development of children and young people, supplementing the work done in that respect at home and school. Youth services are organised for Kouvola residents under 29 years of age. There are four operating units in Youth Services: Participatory Youth Work, Communal Youth Work, Focused Youth Work, and Youth Workshops.

According to the Youth Act, municipal functions in youth work and youth policy are the support of active citizenship of young people, the social strengthening of young people and the improvement of young people’s conditions of upbringing and living. Youth work and policy are implemented in a multidisciplinary way in co-operation with local authorities, youth organisation and organisations carrying out youth work.

Further information: www.nuortenkouvola.fi/

Operating units

Participatory Youth Work
Coordinator tel. +358 20 615 7858
- Strategic management
- Youth policy
- Service management
- Grants
- Youth Services´ communication and marketing

Communal Youth Work
Coordinator tel. +358 20 615 7794
- Areal Youth Work
- Cultural Youth Work
- Representative inclusion
- Youth Council

Focused Youth Work
Coordinator tel. +358 20 615 8416
- Intoxicant abuse prevention
- Spezialised Youth Work
- Outreach Youth Work

Youth Workshops
Workshop Director tel. +358 20 615 8821
- Promoting youth employment
- Workshop services

Contact information

Hallituskatu 7 A
FI-45100 Kouvola
tel. 020 615 4679

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