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Sport and physical exercise

Kouvola has many opportunities for sports and physical exercise. The region has many excellent hiking trails, terrain and waterways. In Repovesi National Park, you can enjoy unique scenery and a rock-climbing wall unique in Finland.

In Kouvola you can follow top-class matches in different leagues. There is almost nothing that you can’t do if you want to. How do soapbox car racing, church boat rowing and gliding sound? The region is home to a large number of clubs and societies engaged in almost all sports and activities.

Kouvola’s waterways offer a diverse range of opportunities for water-bound activities. Shooting the rapids on the Kymi River is challenging, and on cruises on lakes or rivers you can enjoy the landscape more peacefully. The region’s rivers and lakes form a route network along which you can travel all the way to Lakeland Finland. You can make a longer canoeing trip along the canoe routes of Väliväylä and Savonselkä.

Sports and hobbies on a map:

Sports facilities
Icehockey and skating areas
Golf courses
Riding stables
Hiking huts, lean-to’s, Lappish ‘kota’ huts
Beaches for swimming

Exercise trails
Ski trails and hiking routes
Canoeing routes
Roller-skating routes
Riding trails
Bog-walking routes
Nature trails
Culture trails

Sports clubs and societies in Finnish

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