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Find out about common knowledge of Finnish society and other services offered both locally in Kouvola and also nationwide.

Information about Finland

Finland is a republic in Northern Europe. It is situated on the Baltic Sea coast, and belongs to both the Nordic countries and the European Union. The country is divided into 19 provinces. Kouvola belongs to the province of Kymenlaakso, which is situated in Southeast Finland. Finland has 5,490,417 residents (Population Register Centre, 11/2015). In Kouvola there are approximately 86 000 inhabitants.


Evangelical Lutheran Church
Kouvolan seurakuntayhtymä

The Kouvola Parish Union comprises five local parishes in different parts of the city. They are Kouvola, Valkeala, Anjalankoski, Kuusankoski and Elimäki. The Jaala Dependent Parish operates under the auspices of the Kuusankoski Parish.
The parishes organise activity for people of all ages: clubs, music, missionary events, Bible reading circles and different small groups and other events. The Risteys (crossroads) magazine, which is delivered to every household, contains topical items of news.

Services are held in Kouvola’s churches on Sundays at 10 am. The parish is involved in the ’Kouvola kodiksemme’ (Kouvola as our home) project directed at immigrants, and organises Puuhapaja (workshop) activity, among other things..
Read more about Puuhapaja-workshop (in Finnish)

Orthodox Church in Kouvola
Haminan ortodoksinen seurakunta
Varuskuntakatu 14
45100 Kouvola
tel. +358 206 100 480

Kouvola Orthodox Church belongs to the Orthodox Parish of Hamina. The church’s regular services are on Saturdays at 5.00 pm (vigil) and on Sundays at 10.00 am (liturgy).
Church Registry Office and Finance Office is open during weekdays
Tues-Fri 9 am – 1 pm (in the summer Tues –Thurs 9 am – 12 noon)

Catholic Church in Kouvola, Autuaan Ursulan seurakunta
Valimontie 1
45100 Kouvola
tel.+358 5 3711251

The Parish started in Kouvola in 1985. The name of the parish comes from the holy mother, Ursula Ledochowska. Services in January, February and May, Sundays at 11 am, in March and April, Sundays at 6 pm.

The Evangelical Free Church
Kouvolan Vapaaseurakunta (in Finnish)

Kouvolan helluntaiseurakunta Saalem
Kouvola also has six local Pentecostal parishes.
Kalevankatu 20, 45100 Kouvola

Kouvola Adventist Parish
Väinöläntie 21
45200 Kouvola

Salvation Army, Kouvola
Hovioikeudenkatu 12
45100 Kouvola
The roots of the Salvation Army lie in the Methodist Church,
which is part of the global Christian Church.

Kouvola Somalia Association
Chairman, Haji Osman

Other religious associations operating elsewhere in Finland:

The Finnish Islamic Council (SINE) ry
Apollonkatu 10 B 82, Helsinki
+358 9 4587386

The purpose of the Council is to act as a co-operative body and discussion forum for the Islamic communities of Finland. The Council represents its member organisations in discussions with the authorities and different religious organisations.

Watbuddharama Finland
Aallokontie 25, Nurmijärvi
+358 9 7263721 or +358 40 8321009

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