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Leisure activities

The City of Kouvola offers many alternatives for spending your leisure time.
Multiculturalism is also evident in many of the city’s events.

Kouvola has many alternatives in the field of sports. There are also special sports groups for immigrants. Ask more from Kouvola's sports-services.

Leisure services are also offered by Kirjasto, the city library. At the library, you can borrow literature in different languages, use the internet, borrow DVDs and CDs, read newspapers and take part in plenty of more activities. Also the museums in Kouvola offer a wide range of high-quality art and culture experiences.

You can also voluntarily take part in the activity of different clubs and societies. Leisure activity specifically aimed at immigrants is organised by, for example, the local Red Cross , the International Meeting Point at the Saaga Centre of Multiculture and the Kouvolan Korttelikotiyhdistys ry.

Saaga Centre of Multiculture
Asemakatu 1
45100 Kouvola

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