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Interpreting services

According to Finnish law, the authorities must organise and pay for required interpreting work. Interpreters are needed daily, for example, at schools or at doctors’ reception.

Interpreting services are ordered from the Interpreter Centre or from private companies. On 3 December 2012, Kouvola and Kotka began co-operating in the provision of interpreters by the Interpreter Centre

This is how things work with an interpreter:
The interpreter will help you if your knowledge of Finnish is not good enough.
The authorities will book an interpreter and pay for his/her work.
Interpreting is usually done face-to-face, but may also be done over the telephone or online.

The interpreter and the authorities are obliged to observe secrecy.
The interpreter is not your instructor or personal assistant.
When interpreting, his/her job is only to translate the conversation and assist in language problems.

An interpreter must be an adult, professionally trained and impartial.
The interpreter cannot be a friend or relative.
The interpreter must not misuse anything that he/she learns while interpreting.

Interpreter Centre, Kotka
interpreter coordinator
Jussi Serengil
Karhulantie 46
48600 KOTKA

tel. +358 5 234 4465 or
+358 40 564 5998
fax. (05) 234 5864

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