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Contact information

Kouvola Immigration Services
Torikatu 10G
PB. 85, 45101 Kouvola, FINLAND

Meetings by appointment
Mon-Fri 8 am – 4 pm as follows
Requests for an appointment can be submitted to a customer advisor at the office. In order to make the process easier, please show your appointment booking slip at the office.

Applications for income support and letters for the office can be dropped in the office’s post box if the office is closed for personnel training, for example, or some other similar reason.

Please take your appointment booking slip with you! Requests to book an appointment can be left with the customer advisor. When you ask for an appointment, you must write your own name, personal ID number, telephone number, the reason for the appointment and whether or not you need an interpreter.

Contact information for the use of partners and the authorities:

Immigration Services, Torikatu 10G, Kouvola

Booking an interpreter:
Since the 3 December 2012, all interpreter bookings must be done through the Kotka Interpreter Centre.
Kotkan tulkkikeskus

Immigration Coordinator, Tuija Väyrynen tel. +358 20 615 8530
network of co-operation for immigration work, development work, office administrative supervisor work, monitoring and reporting of immigration programmes, co-operation with the authorities, inter-municipal co-operation

social guidance, integration guidance
Sanna Väre, tel. +358 20 615 5504 (integration monitoring)
Counsellors (tel. +358) 020 615 6549, 02061506648, 02061501263, 0206156533, 0206156362.

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