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Immigrant education

Immigrant education - Come and study in Kouvola!

Immigrant education in basic education

Immigrant pupils who arrive in Kouvola and do not speak Finnish, are directed to attend a preparatory teaching group at Eskolanmäki School or Mansikkamäki School. The pupil attends the preparatory group for a period of six months to one year, and then is transferred to his/her own local school. The aim of small group teaching in preparatory education is to help immigrant pupils to learn Finnish and to integrate into Finnish society, not forgetting the pupil’s own culture.

Finland has compulsory education for all, applicable to children living permanently in Finland including foreign nationals. Compulsory education begins in the year in which the child reaches the age of 7, and ends when all basic education courses have been completed or it has been ten years since the start of compulsory education. Basic education, study materials and school meals are free-of-charge.

Studying the Finnish language at Night School

Young people and adults, whose mother tongue is not Finnish, can study Finnish as a second language and Finnish literature at Kouvola Night School.
Finnish as a second language is divided into three levels
1. basics of Finnish as a second language
2. Finnish as a second language continued (compulsory courses based on the basic education curriculum)
3. Finnish as a second language upper secondary school (compulsory courses based on the adult upper secondary curriculum)
The aim of the teaching is for mature students to realise and deepen the language skill that they already have, and to acquire Finnish language knowledge and skills that will allow them to cope in everyday communication situations in Finnish society, in the workplace and in further education. Students also learn about the basic features of Finnish culture in comparison to their own culture, and a little about Finnish literature.

Finnish for foreigners at open college

The Kansalaisopisto (open college) organises Finnish courses for foreigners every year, the aim of which is to teach students to use Finnish in everyday situations.

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Basic education
Eskolanmäki School Principal, +358 20 615 8404
Adult education
Kouvola Night School Principal, +358 20 615 8357
Kouvolan kansalaisopisto Principal, +358 20 615 8280

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