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Morning and afternoon activity for schoolchildren

Morning and afternoon activity for schoolchildren

Pupils in the 1st and 2nd grades of basic education and pupils requiring special support are entitled to attend morning and afternoon activity clubs for schoolchildren. Children are offered the chance of stimulating, supervised and safe activity outside normal school hours.

The activity is organized during the working hours of the school, from Monday to Fridays, but not Saturdays.

Afternoon club begins immediately after lessons and usually ends at 4 pm. The children are given a healthy snack at the afternoon club. Morning care can only be arranged at a few units.

34 units provide afternoon activity. In addition to the City’s own afternoon clubs, it also coordinates the afternoon activity of other service providers. There is a charge to attend morning and afternoon clubs.

Pupils who have been granted travel benefit can be given transport from school to the afternoon activity venue designated by the City. In transport-related matters, please contact your child’s school. The parents must organize the child’s transport to home from the afternoon club.

Contact information

The Coordinator of Basic Education
Katariina Poutanen,
+358 20 615 7503 firstname.lastname (at) kouvola.fi

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