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Economic Development

The city of Kouvola’s Business Services are responsible for the preparation and execution of strategic policies related to the city’s trade, industry and expertise as well as the management of their implementation. Business Services prepares project programmes in co-operation with implementing bodies. Kouvola Innovation Oy and other project partners are responsible for the practical preparation and implementation of projects.

Contact information
Torikatu 10, 45100 Kouvola
Tel. +358 20 61 511 (switchboard)
Fax. +358 20 615 3050

Development Director
Harri Kivelä
Tel. +358 20 615 8833

Kouvola Innovation Oy
Managing Director
Martti Husu
Tel. +358 20 615 1353
Paraatikenttä 4
45100 Kouvola


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